Bad Consequences Of Odysseus In Homer's The Odyssey

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The Odyssey is about Odysseus whom is trying to get back to his home. Along the way, he is offered advice on what to do. Instead of taking it, he decides to ignore it and act on his own. Homer, the author, shows how odysseus faced bad consequences because of that. All his men died because he was being selfish, arrogant, and deceiving. When Odysseus and his crew arrived to the land of the Cyclops, his men suggested, “Why not take the cheeses, get stowed, come back, throw open all pens, and make a run for it?” (page 376, 126-129). Odysseus declined, and chose to find out more about the Cyclops which led to the death of a few men. The Cyclops found them and he started eating the men one by one, but Odysseus was going to be left for last because he gave the Cyclops some wine. Odysseus decided to save himself first above everyone else which could be considered a selfish act. …show more content…

He and his men found a way to escape by blinding the Cyclops and exiting by holding on to the sheep’s bellies. They all started to celebrate, but Odysseus started to mock the Cyclops instead. His crew started advising him stop and one of them said, “God Sake, Captain! Why bait the beast again? Let him alone!” (page 383, 408). Later on, the Cyclops prayed to Poseidon and cursed him to “lose all his companions” along the way. If Odysseus had followed hs men’s advice, then he wouldn’t have been cursed to reach Ithaca by

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