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A big disappointment comes just days before Brigham Young University (BYU) basketball team was to kick start the NCAA tournament. 19-year-old sophomore Brandon Davis was dismissed from the team for having consensual premarital sex with his girlfriend. He did not violated any government laws, however the University’s Honor Code states “live a chaste and virtuous life” (). The BYU Honor Code prohibits many behaviors ordinarily considered part of normal society such as: drinking coffee, alcohol, herbal tea, and swearing among others. Generally, when an Honor Code violation makes the news, it is usually for cheating on tests or unlawful activities. Hearing that students cannot have premarital sex was startling, because it is not what crosses one’s mind when hearing of athletes violating an Honor Code. BYU is located in Salt Lake City, Utah and is owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). Most students are Mormons; even those who are not are still required to abide by the same rules. This leaves a wide margin of judgment by the university. BYU’s Honor Code is too strict which places them in position to hide the infractions lie and antiquated for college students at BYU in the 21st century.

Honor Code has evolved over the years and its becoming more strict in its ways and flaws. “Taggert accused the administration of using the code to punish rather than to help students improve themselves” (Bergera). It lists of forbidden acts are antiquated and invade the students’ sense of privacy without truly defining the quality of honor. Other seemingly arbitrary codes such as no herbal tea, no short skirts and no beards are strictly enforced. Even Jesus Christ could not have attended BYU without shaving first. As a m...

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