Attitudes Towards Same-Sex Marriage

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Over the course of the last several decades, attitudes in the U.S. about same-sex marriage have been shifting from conservative to more liberal. Many factors such as change in attitude of older generations, as well as wider acceptance among younger generations, have contributed to this shift in outlook. But even with the support the gay and lesbian community has been gaining, many still oppose same-sex marriage and rights’, and most states still ban the legalization of it. Even with all the opposition though, within the next thirty years, acceptance of same-sex marriage will continue to grow resulting in changes in law that allow for same-sex marriage in most states. Even though same-sex marriage is illegal in most states, the trend in attitudes among Americans has been dramatically rising over the course of the last three decades. Study after study is consistently showing an increase in tolerance towards same-sex marriage proving that American’s attitudes have been liberalized over time. Studies show that in 1988, 71% of Americans were against the idea of a man marrying another man and a woman marrying another woman, but that number decreased to 52% by 2006 (Baunach, 2011, p. 347 ). Another survey, conducted by the NORC at the University of Chicago concurred, showing that support for same-sex marriage increased dramatically over the course of ten years; in 1988 same-sex marriage received support by only 11% of respondents but this number jumped to 46% by 2010 (Madrid & Rice, 2013, p. 45). Currently, in 2012, Gallup polls indicated that half of Americans believe that not only should same-sex marriage be legalized, but they should also receive the same benefits as, and receive the same level of recognition as traditional mar... ... middle of paper ... ...w that allow for same-sex marriage in most states. References Baunach, D. (2011). Decomposing Trends in Attitudes Toward Gay Marriage, 1988-2006. Social Science Quarterly, 92(2), 346-363. Harris, A., & Cole, G. W. (2008). Conversation on Marriage for Lesbian and Gay People: Introduction to Lesbian and Gay Marriage Roundtable. Studies In Gender & Sexuality, 9(2), 140-145. doi:10.1080/15240650801936949 Madrid, J., & Rice, S. (2013). Examining Cynicism in Regards to Reasons for Gay Marriage. Review of European Studies, 5(1), 45-51. doi:10.5539/res.v5n1p45 Murphy, T. F. (2011). Same-Sex Marriage: Not a Threat to Marriage or Children. Journal Of Social Philosophy, 42(3), 288-304. doi:10.1111/j.1467-9833.2011.01534.x Williams, R. (2011). Same-Sex Marriage and Equality. Ethical Theory & Moral Practice, 14(5), 589-595. doi:10.1007/s10677-010-9261-8

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