Atticus Finch Moral

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In the novel To Kill A Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, the complex story line shows many examples of people who have both strong and weak moral values. Mr. Atticus Finch shows a strong conscience and moral values ; however, an example of someone who goes directly against good moral values is Ms. Mayella. To begin with,Atticus Finch says to scout,” Before I can live with other folks, I’ve got to live with myself”.(pg#) It is clear from this scene that atticus has a strong sense of moral values and that he respects everyone including himself. He teaches Jem and Scout that anything you do starts with yourself and if you can't respect yourself than you can’t make smart decisions. This shows that atticus has strong values and that he makes sure that his children learn by example so that …show more content…

Another example that suggests this is, On page 99 when the scout says to atticus,” Do you defend N-word’s Atticus”? Atticus responded with,” Of course I do. And don’t say the N- word Scout. That's common”. As a result of atticus defending african americans, he shows his kids that it is ok to defend people of color, even though in the south slavery was very prevalent and most people did not like nor respect african americans. Also when Scout says a racial epithet to atticus when he asks the question to atticus and atticus told him that it was wrong. This is setting a good example towards his kids. He also teaches them that the word is “common”, meaning that everyone says it and that they shouldn't be like everyone, they should be better than that, more mature and more respected. Lastly, an example of good conscience is the entire finch family. They have an african american nanny named

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