Attending An Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting At Jones Memorial

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For this assignment I decided to attend an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting at Jones Memorial United Methodist Church in Forest Park, Georgia. Jones Memorial United Methodist Church hosts two Alcohol Anonymous meetings on Tuesdays and Fridays. I decided to attend the meeting on Friday, September 16, 2016. The meeting started promptly at 7pm and lasted until 8pm. There were approximately 11 attendees including myself.
The Alcoholics Anonymous meeting was an open discussion meeting. There were people from different backgrounds but everyone was respectful and friendly to one another. We started the meeting with a word of prayer. As a group, we held hands and recited the Lord’s Prayer. After the prayer the group recited a chant and swung their hands back-and-forth. After the prayer, we sat in a circle and the facilitator passed around an offering basket. Once offering was completed, I was asked by the facilitator to introduce myself. During my introduction, I politely stated my name, the name of my school, and major. The other attendees introduced themselves by stating “Hello, my name is John Doe and I am an alcoholic.” They then proceeded to share their personal experiences with alcoholism and express their gratitude for the 12-step meeting. While speaking, each attendee shared the moments in their lives that made them decided to seek treatment and how many years they have been sober. Each member of the group was very supportive of their group mates. They showered each other with love and gave advice for staying on track.
I enjoyed the meeting. It gave me an opportunity to see how excessive use of alcohol can control your ability to function in society. Each member was determined to stay sober and find other things to do besides drin...

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...t step and in February they would focus on the 2nd step.
Something that stood out to me during the meeting was that some attendees lived in fear for years after being sober. They wouldn’t come outside of their homes for the reasons being that they would use again or run into old friends that used to drink with them. Also, I found it interesting that every year group members come together to celebrate their years in sobriety. The celebration consists of a speaker, food, and fun. Overall, I really enjoyed sitting in on an AA meeting. As an aspiring social worker, this meeting helped me to understand that it is not easy to get over an addiction. Also, if I decide to work with substance abusers, there may be times where they may relapse. I would have to learn how to be patient and keep in mind that excessive use of substances can alter your brain and control your life.

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