Assisted Suicide Benefits

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When someone is very close to losing a loved one with a terminal disease or a disease that cannot be cured they might turn to assisted suicide. In this essay it will be explaining that assisted suicide is a bad idea because of medical breakthroughs, the small chance that someone could become healthy once again, dying with dignity, and the growing suicide rate in enthusia legalized states every year. When someone has a terminal disease everyone is always way too caught up in how they cannot win the battle. They do not give time to look and see that there is numerous medical breakthroughs and people are finding more and more new medications by the day (Smith). These could be the breakthroughs that could potentially save someones loved one from…show more content…
Even if it would not be able to save the person it would still allow them to live for more months than expected or even years in some cases (Smith). Art Buchwald, a famous writer, was put in hospice for kidney failure and he was suspected to be dead within 6 months, but he lived past 6 months and he was released from the hospital and wrote another book before finally dying (Smith). He is one of the many examples of people living longer than expected and if you think about it with assisted suicide he would have never got the chance to live past 6 months as he would have been killed up front when he was told that. There is supposedly a new medication in the making that will put off or even kill off tumors in cancer patients (Smith). If this is true it could be really exciting and important for lots of patients who are battling cancer or in the process of losing the fight to cancer. Obviously, this form of drug will not kill off all patients cancer cells, but even if it does not kill the tumor it could still be enough to put it off for a couple of months or even years (Smith). On the other hand though, if someone is so caught up in…show more content…
It will never be the right thing to do even if there is almost no chance of living and in that case look into the Holy Bible and read a couple of verses. It is one of the best chances of making you forget assisted suicide and looking at the bright side that everything will be ok in the end. The assisted suicide term should be distinct a couple years by now and never used by another physician or doctor ever again for as long as humans on Earth
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