Aspirin Is Bad

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Joseph Akiki
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Dr. Cross
Aspirin: Healthy or Not? Whenever pain or a headache is felt people will immediately reach for the bottle of Aspirin they have in their medicine cabinet. For many years this has been the solution to any pain a person feels. As much as Aspirin will help to cure symptoms of pain it may also being doing the body harm. More and more studies have brought many harmful side effects to the surface. The question now comes into play of if Aspirin is actually doing more harm than good.
Aspirin contains the substance acetylsalicylic acid (ASA), which can relieve inflammation, fever, pain, and known as a “blood thinner”. Aspirin was not officially trademarked until March 6, 1899 when the Imperial Office …show more content…

Before using Aspirin or any other type of medication a physician should be contacted. If not diagnosed with heart, blood vessel disease, or lack of blood to the brain the benefits of aspirin can decrease and cause more harm than good. As individuals we know that in life anything we do has benefits and risk. This is the case with all types of medicine, aspirin may prevent a heart attack or stroke but can cause stomach bleeding, bleeding in the brain, and kidney failure. Also in some cases using aspirin has caused strokes. As with most medicines taking Aspirin with alcohol can severely increase the risk of experiencing side effects. Taking aspirin as a combination with any other medications being taking should not occur unless cleared with a doctor. For example if taking a drug for dietary purposes you shouldn’t mix with aspirin …show more content…

Taking aspirin fights against inflammation by blocking an enzyme called cyclooxygenase. Doing so obstruct the pathway for prostaglandins to produce which cause the inflammation. This can decrease the amount of pain that someone is facing immensely and may even cure the problem entirely. It is seen that aspirin effects formation of blood clots in major arteries within heart and brain muscle. A doctor may prescribe aspirin as a way to allow more blood flow throughout the body. The pros and cons of using aspirin must be weighed before taking it. There may be many more risks when taking aspirin. These risks can be caused by family history, other medications being taken, and past medical

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