Asoka Dbq

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Was Asoka an enlightened ruler or ruthless conqueror? I believe he was an enlightened ruler. Due to the fact that he chose to become a better person. Most ruthless people, would choose to stay that way. But Asoka was different. Asoka was affected by all the suffering and death that he came across. He was affected so much that he chose to change himself. He switched from Hinduism, to Buddhism and changed his ways to help others. Like giving rich gifts to the poor, and meeting with communities. Examples are; Missionaries, Legacies, and Edicts. Asoka was the founding father of India from 268 BC - 232 BC (his death), ruling the Mauryan empire over 2,000 years ago. He wanted to help spread a religion called Buddhism. Buddhism is a variety of traditions, beliefs, and spiritual practices. A way he did that was spreading out edicts. They were carved by missionaries, which are groups of people that spread royal messages or religious ideas. Some of which were spread were edicts. Edicts are carved royal messages serving as ancient-era billboards. They were written on pillars, boulders, and walls in different languages for the people. It helped them understand the principles along his rule.…show more content…
Yes, he did have a bit of a dark side, along with his light side. He was in many wars and killed thousands of people. He was very troubled. But after conquering Kalinga, he was questioning himself on why people in his empire were suffering. Others may argue, that he was ruthless because of all the deaths and conquerings in their town or others. But he later on felt horrible about his past. Which is one of many reasons he switched to
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