Asch Conformity Report

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From an early age, I have felt the compulsion to conform. Conformity is common throughout society, most notably, in my experience, in schools. Nevertheless, I considered myself as an outlier to these tendencies. I assumed that I based my judgments on my own personal free will; Fascinatingly, while most people are conformist, many consider themselves to be a nonconformist .This realisation has convinced me that although I consider myself a nonconformist, I am influenced by my ‘social programming’. As a result of this realisation, I am interested in the concept of conformity in society, particularly how Social media has influenced conformity in today’s society, regarding a person’s culture, gender, generation and perception

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I found little on this area except for how it can be used for marketing purposes. I then analysed my secondary research and identified gaps, which lead me to develop my primary research methodologies.

In order to gain a primary research aspect for my PIP, I distributed surveys to numerous participants. This provided me with a broad insight into conformity.

I conducted interviews with Head Teachers and Deputy Principals to gain an in-depth view. This helped my PIP gain momentum, as I obtained qualitative evidence. These interviews have shown me a perspective of conformity as described by people who hold positions of power and authority.

I conducted an experiment, which I designed to mimic Solomon Asch’s conformity experiment of 1951. This allowed me to determine how individuals act when placed in unclear situations.

After distributing 185 surveys, conducting 60 experiments, 8 interviews, and collecting in-depth data from previous studies and internet articles, my PIP began to develop cohesion and allow me to establish trends within

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