As I Lay Dying by William Faulkner

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As I Lay Dying Analysis
William Faulkner is one of the most intense writers with the oddest writing style of his time period. He was born on September 25th, 1897 in New Albany, Mississippi. When he started writing and producing As I Lay Dying, he was in the Modernism era. Many critics say this novel was poorly done and hard to follow, but the thoughts behind this story is good. He has some messed up things in this story, there's even a part where he drills holes in his dead mothers face on accident. William Faulkner was considered a great author even though the execution of his novel was poor. William Faulkner published As I Lay Dying along with twelve more well known novels and many short stories; and continuing down this path he was awarded the nobel prize in 1950 during the Modernism era.
William Faulkner was born in September 25th, 1897 in New Albany, Mississippi. He is the first of four sons. “He was named after his great-grandfather, William Clark Falkner, the “Old Colonel,” who had been killed eight years earlier in a duel with his former business partner in the streets of Ripley, Mississippi. A lawyer, politician, planter, businessman, Civil War colonel, railroad financier, and finally a best-selling writer (of the novel The White Rose of Memphis), the Old Colonel, even in death, loomed as a larger-than-life model of personal and professional success for his male descendants.” (“William Faulkner” 2013) When he was a young five year old boy his dad bought the bank of Oxford. His family became very wealthy off of this. Their was very little events in his teenage years that affected his life, or his life as a writer. Although in his mid life there was many events that changed him.
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...novel, you see that its looking at life as the so called “bad guy” and death is the “good guy” rather welcomed. It is hard to grasp that idea out of this novel.
William Faulkner published As I Lay Dying along with many more novels since the beginning of the Modernism era, and going down this path he won a nobel prize in 1950. Critics have said that he does most of his novels poorly. They may be long, but they say that they are hard to follow and rather boring. As I Lay Dying had a awesome idea, but the execution of it was poorly done and the images Faulkner tries to get across was hard to picture. Although even though the execution of this novel was a disaster, many people can see past the execution and give him credit for the thoughts behind this, and call it basically a masterpiece of obscenity. Furthermore, he was a great author for ideas, but not on execution.
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