Arumentative Techniqies in Please Remove Your Shoes

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Please Remove Your Shoes is a documentary revealing about the governments breaking their promises and the real cost of America’s airport security. Also, it’s a personal experience of Federal Air Marshals, Red Team Leaders, and screening supervisors, in addition to testimony from Congressional hearings and high ranking Federal Law Enforcement. Troubled by the realization that of the ballooning size and influence of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has failed to make air travel safer than it was before the tragic of 9/11. The TSA is an organization dedicated to ensuring that the skies over the U.S remain safe and secure. Candidate conversation with the organizations mentioned above who have worked in and around the TSA also reveals why the agency is entirely deserving of its reputation for being completely superfluous. . The Aviation and Transportation Security Act requires that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) assesses information in order to identify individuals who pose a threat to transportation security and coordinate countermeasures with othe...

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