Artistic Analysis of Three Paintings

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In the context of this essay power shall be defined as control over others, more specifically as represented in the chosen pieces of art, control over animals. In these three pieces, Bull Jumping, Late Minoan Period (5-5), Good Shepherd, Oratory of Galla Placidia, Ravenna, Italy (7-12), and The Unicorn is Found, The Hunt of the Unicorn tapestry series (12-9), the power shown may be power over animals, but actually represents power over most facets of life.

To begin, humans since creation have always tried to exert power over nature. The piece, Bull Jumping, is representative of this desire to control nature, whether it is for survival or entertainment. The painting is characterized as three humans jumping over the large bull.

The style of artwork from Bull Jumping was a regenerated wall painting derived out of the palace complex at Knossos, Crete, during the late Minoan period, 1550-1450 BCE. The Minoan painters created works of art on a large scale. The Minoan painters had a desire to paint views of nature and scenes of human activity. The artwork is depicted with continuous narrative art. This is defined by the continuous lines within the border. Within the outline border of the painting, the artwork exhibits repetition in shapes and colors. The representation of this piece displays naturalism in the form of human bodies in movement. There are three humans arranged within the painting. One female is arranged with extending arm motions, another figure clinches their hands around the bull’s horn, and the last figure extends arms around the bull’s body. The human activity demonstrates the power to control nature in a survival or entertainment mode. On the other hand, the bull’s body is very large and is extended o...

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...rtility. The plants were a theme of protection and powers of comfort. The tapestry has representation and mystical powers over the people. In the center of the tapestry and rather large is the water fountain; where the unicorn is hanging his horn, trying to clarify himself. Most importantly, among the tapestry one can view the initials that stand for Anne of Brittany, on both sides of the water fountain area. The significance of the tapestry is human power over the divine.

In conclusion, the three pieces of artwork previously mentioned, Bull Jumping, Good Shepherd, and The Unicorn is Found, show mankind’s insatiable hunger for power in regards to control over every aspect of their lives, including nature, other humans, and the divine. Throughout the ages, humans have sought this control over everything and have represented it in art as if to will it into being.

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