Argumentative Essay: Why You Go To Heaven's Life

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It’s weird you hear all these interpretations of what happens to you when you die. The most common one is you go to heaven or hell. I remember when I had my earthly body doing the things I love to do best which was cooking and spending time with my kids and I had so many grandchildren. Oh, and my beloved husband, I remember when he would sit down at the piano in the house and the family would just stand around and sing to their hearts content. “Why, why did I have to be taken from what made me whole?” I know that you can’t live forever, but I was taken too soon to only return to this earth as an object without the sense of smell, taste and touch. I hate you Cancer. You know one thing I never got to do when was in my human form was travel and sight see God’s creation called earth. Now I am constantly traveling and who would have ever thought that when it was time for my granddaughter, Melissa to choose her frames that she would choose me. I was a pair of brown frames with medium square eyes and on my arms it said Prada. I remember when she came into Lens Crafters …show more content…

We met at an open lounge night back in 1940. I got up to sing and I was singing acapella then next thing I know I heard music and I opened my eyes to turn around and there he was. I was blown away by his talent and his looks. We were like the dynamic duo. He is tall about 5”9 and a slender build, dark skin and smart. We could go anywhere and he just fits in. That summer was the greatest summer of my life because he was a part of it. He left to go into the army and I wrote him every day for a year. Then he showed up at my church and proposed to me and why wouldn’t I say yes to the love of my life. We were married for 40 years and he was a provider. My children and I never had to want for anything. He pays the bills and bought the food, did I tell you he can cook. How many men do you know that can cook? I was truly blessed to have that man as my

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