Argumentative Essay Pro Euthanasia

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All through time, America has denied the right of doctors to practice different forms of Euthanasia on humans. The ideas against and in favor of this particular matter are both worthy of being considered. Some of the arguments you see from the people who are against Euthanasia are such as: the affect it’s going to have on the medical community, if it’s going to lead to “convenience killing” etc. While I think a lot of their arguments are valid, I argue in favor of legalizing active euthanasia.
The definition of Euthanasia is: “the practice of ending a life prematurely in order to end pain and suffering”. Sometimes euthanasia is referred to as “Mercy Killing”. Euthanasia can be divided into a few groups. One form of Euthanasia is called Voluntary Euthanasia. Voluntary Euthanasia is having the permission from the individual who wants to be euthanized. There is also involuntary euthanasia which would be more like a death penalty example. Passive Euthanasia is another form of euthanasia. This is when you terminate a medication or by not performing a lifesaving procedure on an individual. The most common form of Euthanasia, which is also the form that is most argued about is Active Euthanasia. Active Euthanasia is the act of using a lethal drug which would ultimately end one’s life.
Euthanasia brings up a lot of social and moral issues in today’s society. There is a lot of controversy when this subject is being debated. Should it be legal or illegal? Some of the people who are against Euthanasia have argued that due to religious reasoning’s, taking a life, no matter the circumstance is not in god’s plan. They believe that killing someone through euthanasia is in fact comparable to murder. This is also referred to as “assisted suici...

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... Universal Law. I believe Kant would be in favor of euthanasia because it would be the doctor’s duty to help a patient out by taking him/her out of misery by using euthanasia. Friedrich Nietzsche would be in complete favor of Euthanasia because he believes in doing things for you. If you want to be euthanized because you’re in pain, you should be able to. In the allegory of the cave story, Plato teaches of a man who once was stuck in a cave with only the tiny bit of knowledge he knew existed. When he left the cave for the first time he was enlightened and gained this greater knowledge of the world. I believe that a lot of people are “blind” to Euthanasia and are very close minded when it comes to this issue. I believe if people truly educate themselves on this topic they will see that this isn’t a terrible thing. Euthanasia would be used as an absolute last resort.
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