Argumentative Essay On Teenage Pregnancy

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Teen pregnancy has become a commonality in today’s generation. There are so many young teens getting pregnant and the prejudice they experience takes a toll on their self-esteem. Most of the reactions these teens face are negativity from their peers, families, and even their teachers. There was a young girl who decided to fake her own pregnancy as her senior project to see the reactions of those close to her and this turned into a movie that was aired on Lifetime Network. A study was conducted with adolescents on their perceptions of teen pregnancy and the effects on multiple levels. These adolescents also mentioned that they are aware that teen pregnancy is associated with a negative stigma (stereotype). The New York Times reported that a way that can reduce teen pregnancy is using shame in order to deter young adolescents into becoming pregnant.
Becoming a parent as a teenager is not something people think will happen to them. Teen pregnancy occurs when two teens engage in sexual intercourse, or “hook up,” and if they are not safe, it then turns into an unplanned pregnancy. As we all know, teen pregnancy is 100% preventable. However, we see still young girls becoming pregnant, most commonly in high school. These teens do not fully understand the consequences of having a child at such a young age. When you have a child, your life revolves around that child and everything you do is for the benefit of them.
Additionally, when teens find out they’re pregnant, their partners are normally in a state of shock. Their partners will either say they will stand by them, or just flat out leave and have nothing to do with them. Thus, the girls are stuck to raise the child on their own. For those partners that do stay and support the girls, ...

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...ereotyping from her classmates, family members, and teachers. Herman’s study related to Gaby’s experiment because some of the opinions that the teens gave were very similar to what she had experienced.
I propose that future studies should look at the affects, if any, that these shows play on the image, or perceptions, of teen pregnancy. It also seems like the young females are the ones stereotyped the most when they become pregnant. However, the young males are also stereotyped, but it is just hidden in the shadows so to speak. There needs to be more support, resources, and tools for the young teens so they can have a better understanding of the subject. Teen pregnancy, as indicated, has become a commonality today and is 100% preventable. There is a lot to learn about teen pregnancy and only time will tell, like through research, the best ways to prevent pregnancy.
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