Argumentative Essay On Eating Disorders

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Eating disorders are a big issue in society these days. Young adults and adults are starting to have body images that are likely not reachable. More than 8 million people suffer from an eating disorder in America itself. Eating disorders are mental disorders about abnormal eating or not eating enough a day. There many eating disorders including Anorexia nervosa, Bulimia, Binge eating disorders and lots more. All these and more eating disorders is a way people thinking that they can escape their problems. Eating disorders can be altered by many things including bullying. One way that an eating disorder can come about into someone's life if is low self-esteem. Negative body images can make someone want to become skinnier. When someone has a low self-esteem it means a person who has a very low image of themselves. They think that they are nothing and aren’t worthy of life. When someone thinks this they could exercise excessively thinking that it will make them skinnier. Another reason that an eating disorder can develop is that of other opinions. People can give an opinion thinking that it won’t affect that person. Some people might even say it to make someone feel bad about themselves. People with a low self-esteem feel obliged to listen to people with this mean opinions. For example, your coach …show more content…

Work or school can become hard to go to or even to participate in it. The fear of being fat can overtake someone’s head and can make their social life hard. This can also lead to depression with the eating disorder still at hand. Muscle weakness is another complication in eating disorders because of lack of vitamins. This will follow with pain all around the body because of the muscle weakness. With all this complication the worst one is dead because of all the loss of vitamins and minerals that are the need in your body. The body will eventually give out go into cardiac

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