Are Oil and Gases a Sustainable Source of Energy?

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Although the earth is always making more oil and natural gasses, some believe it is not a sustainable source of energy. The earth’s energy future cannot and will never be sustained by just one energy source. A secure energy future relies on a controversial source, nuclear reactors and an unpolished source, kinetic energy. Nuclear energy is ideal and very cost effective. As humans, we have nearly mastered the art of nuclear fission. Currently, nuclear energy plants are responsible for about three-quarters of carbon free energy. This statistic shows that solar and wind power is used so minimally compared to nuclear energy. It releases little to no greenhouse gasses so environmentalists’ minds can be at ease. Using nuclear energy would not accelerate climate change because it does not affect the earth when it is being made or released. (NET) Energy from nuclear plants is extremely effective. In 2012 sixty-five nuclear plants generated 769 billion kWh (EIA, 2013). This is one fifth of the nation’s energy in one year (IAEA). In the United States, coal is the only more used energy source than nuclear energy. Coal does emit greenhouse gasses. Nuclear energy is not based on fossil fuels and comes from a very abundant source in the United States, uranium. Only one small pellet is needed to power a plant. Not having to rely on the climate and weather to operate, they can produce large amounts of energy 24/7 while in operation. Power plants take up much less land compared to other green energy sources such as wind and solar power. (NEI, 2013) Some people worry about the waste that nuclear power leaves behind. In relation to the amount of energy that it produces, the toxic waste is minimal. The waste is very small in comparison to waste produced by fossil fuels. Only thirty tons of high-level waste is made a year per reactor. Some of the waste can be reused while most must be disposed of. Environmentalists worry about the radiation seeping, but geological deposits are proven to be secure for dumping waste. Salt water is also believed to decay radioactive materials (WNA, 2013). Although nuclear energy is very effective because it can power so much with so little, it is not enough for the world to run on. Kinetic energy is ideal, obtainable, and natural. It is simply energy of motion. Humans’ walking is kinetic energy. A ball rolling is kinetic energy. The waves’ crashing is kinetic energy.

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