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597 words

Task 1 A) When urban communities grew more complex they became cities. Cities were the newest form of human communities. These cities gave room for each society to become a civilization. The very first time a civilization formed it took place in a region called the “Fertile Crescent” (Orlin, 2010). Mesopotamia, an early civilization that developed in the “Fertile Crescent’, is an example of an early river civilization. Rivers were very important physical factors that helped lead to the development of Mesopotamia. The societies, which settled in Mesopotamia, were close to the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. These two rivers provided the Mesopotamians with easy access to water for many different tasks such as transportation, irrigation for crops, …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains how ideas, practices, and technologies have been passed from society to society through a process known as diffusion.
  • Describes mesopotamia as an example of an early river civilization. the tigris and euphrates rivers provided easy access to water for transportation, irrigation, and dams.
  • Explains the physical geographical feature that led to the mass development of the united states. the california gold rush began in 1849.
  • Cites mountjoy, s., and orlin, l. (2010). life and thought in the ancient near east.

One example of diffusion through technology is the Chariot. A Chariot usually had two wheels and carried people to and from their destinations, including onto the battlefield. The Chariot started in Eurasia as a vehicle for military, hunting, and sporting contests. Syria was the first civilized world that used Chariots. From Syria this great vehicle migrated or diffused into other civilizations as a military weapon of choice. Diffusion can be known as objects that start in one place and eventually merge with various regions until finally different civilizations adopt the idea or invention. The Chariot was by far of vast importance to developing civilizations (Egypt., 2013) (Mountjoy, …show more content…

The California Gold Rush began in 1849. Gold seeker migrated from all over the country in search of gold. The movement of over 300,000 People led to new ways of transportation, as well as making previous traveling routes more up to date. Not only did the migrating of thousands of people expand the United States, but the gold itself pushed toward economic development and established a hard capital that was desperately needed throughout the United States. Overall, the California Gold Rush was a huge factor in establishing areas of the United States (Society., 2001). Egypt., T. (2013). The Chariot in Egyptian Warfare. Retrieved from Hollar, S. (. (2011). Ancient Civilizations: Mesopotamia [ebrary book]. Retrieved from Mountjoy, S. &. (2004). Rivers in world history: Indus River [ebrary book]. Retrieved from Orlin, L. (2010). Life and thought in the ancient near east [ebrary book]. Retrieved from Society., T. C. (2001). The California Gold Rush: History through the collections series, part 1 [PDF]. Retrieved from

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