Antigone "Son"

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In one of the three plays of Sophocles, “The Antigone” we come across a character who is trying to change the mind of a king who is his own father. In the middle of the play the character Haemon comes and tells Creon, “ I beg you, do not be unchangeable: Do not believe that you alone can be right. The man who thinks that, The man who maintains that only he has the power to reason correctly, the gifts to speak, the soul – a man like that, when you know him, turns out empty. It is not reason never to yield to reason!” Haemon tells his father this because he realizes that Creon is not going to change his mind on executing Antigone. Haemon realizes that the approach his father has taken towards this situation was wrong and that he is also wrong with his final decision. Antigone is the women who Haemon is suppose to marry and she is sent to die by Creon because she broke the rules that Creon set. The rule of the state that Antigone broke was that she gave her brother Polynices a proper burial knowing that Creon declared him as an enemy of the state and did not deserve the burial.
Antigone had a right to bury her brother and she did do the right thing by going against Creon’s rules. Not everyone in this play including Creon did not realize what the life of Antigone was like as she was growing up. Knowing that your father was also your own brother must have brought plenty of pain in her life. Throughout the entire play the audience knows what the life of Antigone was like and know all the pain she has had in her life. Most of her family has already past away and all the family she had left were her two brothers and her sister. Once she realizes that her two brothers are also gone she wants to give them both the proper burial that they deserve because they to experienced the same amount of pain that Anitgone faced in the course of her life. Antigone probably wanted to give both her brothers a proper burial because she never got to give her mother or her father one. Her dad went into exile after finding out that he killed his own father and interacted in sexual intercourse with his own mother.

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