Antigone Character Analysis

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Antigone is a Greek tragedy written by Sophocles. Antigone finds out that her brothers Polyneices and Eteocles are dead after killing each other. Antigone decides to bury Polyneices and asks her sister Ismene to help her but she refuses. The Creon, the king of Thebes, refuses to bury Polyneices because of going against the state, while his brother is to be buried in honor because he fought for his state and did what he is supposed to do. So he orders for no one to bury Polyneices. Antigone buries her brother but is caught. Creon sentences her to death for disobeying. After a while and being convinced, he decides to let her go. But before he is able to release Antigone, he finds out that she with both his son Haimon and his wife have killed themselves. A tragic hero should be someone who causes their own downfall and disgrace. By using their greatest weakness without noticing their own errors. But until the biggest catastrophe results, they recognize their wrong judging and all they have caused. A sympathetic character is the character that the reader can relate to and understand what they are going through. The character that the reader feels sympathy to and concerned about because they have a sad destiny. Also someone who we later tend to admire for what they have done and dealt with it. Antigone is the most sympathetic character because she cannot do anything about her suffering and what she is going through, while Creon is the tragic hero because he uses his own pride that destroys his own power and life.
Creon is the tragic hero because he uses his weakness pride to be looked as a great ruler and try to ignore his wrong judgment. But this makes it worse and causes something he does not want to expect. Creon expects that no o...

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...e because even if he has much power as king can have, he is insecure when it comes to choices. He does not have a side where the audience can see he cares, but instead he has self-importance and shows no pity because he is doing his own life.
Antigone shows all she has got and takes risks on what she thinks is right out of love. While Creon just care for himself and actually ignores what he is doing right. Having pride as a king leads to destroying his own power. But Antigone is the sympathetic character more than Creon because her life has a fate already planned and cannot do anything about it so instead she defends her beliefs for other people and what they deserve. Creon just has pride with what he is doing to his own family and people to be seen as the best. If there is no knowledge on something done, this could result on causing one’s own destruction of life.
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