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Doing something wrong may cause you death. When you think you're doing well

others think the opposite and go against your words on opinion and thought. You do

something wrong or make a bad judgment everybody makes you seem as the bad person

or the tragic flawed. In Antigones' play she becomes the tragic flawed, only because she

was going against her own will and disobeying the kings' command. Antigone is not a

tragic flawed, she's a good person with a heart and only wants the best for her brother.

Instead of being the tragic flawed she is more of a tragic hero. The only thing she wanted

to do and caused her own death was wanting to burry her brother.

Antigone had two brothers Etocles and Polynieces, they both fought against each

other in the war. They both died, one brother Etocles soldier of Creon received the proper

burial and the other brother Polynieces was just left in the ground. Creon demanded that

nobody would touch him and burry him because he was a traitor. Antigone goes against

Creon's rule, she doesn't care if he'll kill her or not. Later Creon finds out that Antigone

was going against him of burring her brother and now he wants to punish her. Antigone

begs him to kill her she says, "I should have praised and honor for what I have done."

Antigone is not afraid of death she believes if that she dies she has nothing to fear what

she did. It was not a sin she was doing the proper thing for her brother and she has no

regrets on what she did.

Anybody that would do the same for their family member or friend is a good

person. People that would just the bodies in the ground alone are cruel people with no

heart and no sympathy. Even if they are dead they should be treated with respect and

honor. Like for example Polynieces, Antigones brother that died in the battle. She was

doing the right thing on wanting the burial for him. Leaving him there alone would be a

bad thing. That's when Antigone stepped up and did the right thing going against the

Creon and his command. Antigone is not a tragic flawed she is more of a tragic hero.
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