Answers to Questions about the Play: A Doll´s House by Henrik Ibsen

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A Doll’s House Questions and answers 1. relationship/interactions 2. Macaroons as Symbols 3. Who is Mrs. Linde? 4. What´s Nora´s secret? 54. Who is Krogstad? 6. Who is Dr. Rank? Act One 1. Describe the relationship/interactions between Nora and Helmer as a married couple. What is NOT as it appears? Nora and Helmer seemed to be a happy couple with their small problems. The way they would interact with one another constantly changed. They would have sudden arguments from small issues. Helmer had different nicknames for Nora, at times he would call her “my squirrel” or “little prodigal” and other times he would be kinder and call her “my dear little Nora”. Helmer yelled at Nora for being wasteful with money and then quickly said that he loves her the way she is calling her his “sweet little nark”. In their household Nora didn’t have a large role, she didn’t work and she took care of the children and her husband. 2. Look at the attention paid to the macaroons. What do you think they symbolize? I think the macaroons symbolize Nora’s unwillingness to always obey her husband. The issue between Helmer not wanting Nora to give in to her sweet tooth and waste money on her guilty pleasures is a smaller issue that parallels to Nora and Helmer’s larger problems. Nora is disobedient to Helmer and the macaroons represent the larger secrets Nora hides from Helmer. 3. What is supposed to happen for Helmer at the beginning of the New Year, and what will it mean for him and his family? What problems could be fixed? Helmer is supposed to receive a higher position and a pay raise at his job at the bank. Helmer receiving this job will mean wealth for his family. This would solve the problem of Nora’s constant spending and wast... ... middle of paper ... ...Act Two, Nora has come to a decision. What is it, and what is she hoping for? Nora decides to commit suicide by the end of Act Two. Nora is hoping that she will at least have thirty-one hours of time left to live before her husband finds out the truth of her lies. 6. Look closely at the conversation between Nora and Anne-Marie. Who is Anne-Marie, and what is her relationship to Nora? Anne-Marie is the Helmer family’s nanny. Ann-Marie’s and Nora are friendly with one another and share common experiences. Both Ann-Marie and Nora had to make sacrifices and it creates a small bond between the two. Ann-Marie was forced to give her daughter up in order to take her job as the Helmer’s nanny. Nora asks Ann-Marie if she thinks her children would miss her if she left them. Ann-Marie was forced to give up her daughter while Nora would willingly give up her children.
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