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1. My experience of attending the play Annie was different from watching a television show or movie because the play allowed me to get away from real life. As I watched Annie’s life as an orphan I became emotionally connected to her. When Annie was happy, I felt my emotions change to happiness. The same goes for sadness, anger or hopelessness. For example, when Annie felt optimistic about finding her parents that made me feel hope for her or when Annie felt wanted and not alone by having daddy Warbuck’s care for her, I felt joy. By having this emotional connection to Annie it allowed me to forget about my worries and focusing on Annie’s. 2. The audience members impacted me in a positive manner. The audience was respectful, they did not speak…show more content…
Although attending Annie was a new experience for me I did enjoy myself. I liked viewing actors perform live, knowing that what I was watching that evening was different from previous and future shows. The actor could forget lines and improvise what to do next so that the audience does not notice. The audience will not know what lines have been changed unless the audience attends the same play at a different showing. The performance quality of the character is determined by the events occurring in the actor’s personal life. If an actor has a bad day chances are the actor will demonstrate it while performing. The level of enthusiasm from the actor might not be as high as it should have been. The audience might mistake that for bad acting. The fact that mistakes cannot be edited out draws me in as an audience…show more content…
Things I saw that worked in the play were the costumes, props, and the actors. The designers made the costumes appropriate to the character being played. The orphans wore ragged dresses, this made the orphans appear less fortunate. The maids wore uniforms and the wealthier characters like daddy Warbuck’s wore suits. By the characters having distinctive costumes it allows the audience to use less willing suspension of disbelief. The props provided visuals to help pinpoint the setting. The scene where Annie arrives at Warbucks house displays a couch, window, staircase and a desk. The items placed in the scene are typical objects found in the audience members homes, so it made it easy for the audience to identify the setting. The actors chosen to play the characters were mostly age appropriate to the character. For example an older woman did not play the character Annie, the actor sierra Thomsen was close to age to the character. Having a relationship between the actors and characters age provided a sense of

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