Anger in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

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Does Romeo and Juliet show that good intentions are no match for anger? At the opening of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ we are told that, “Two households, both alike in dignity… From ancient grudge break to new mutiny.” This is the cause of both, Romeo and Juliet’s death and peace between the two families. Already, within the first three lines of the prologue, we are told what is going to happen. “A pair of star cross’d lovers take their life” Somebody is going to die, because of a deep rooted feud between the lovers’ families. ‘Romeo and Juliet’ is a tragedy - in the traditional sense - that Romeo and Juliet (the main characters) die because of the fault of someone else. In this play, there are no evil characters, only hasty ones. There is no character going out of their way to cause trouble. They are only trying to do the right thing, unfortunately, it is only what they see as the right thing. For example, Benvolio decides that he will take Romeo to the Capulet party to help overcome being love-sick for Rosaline, to show him that there are other girls out there, but Romeo ...

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