Ancient Egyptian Medicine

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Medicine is the science or practice of the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease. Medical practices have existed for thousands of years, and has affected the way people live in all parts of the world. History and time have changed the way we use medicine today.
Throughout history medicine has changed the way we live and has helped us live longer. Medicine cures deadly diseases and improves our everyday life. The earliest forms of medicine, and medical practices, in ancient times used natural resources, such as plants, various bits of animals and myriad minerals to treat diseases. Greeks and indians would also use moulds and other plants to treat infections in nearly every society, there were also religious rituals as well as magical …show more content…

War, disease, famine and childbirth were just a few contributions which lowered the average lifespan in ancient times as compared to the average life span that we have today. People from that time were no less concerned about preventing death then we are now, however they simply did not have the science and medicines available that we rely on today to stay alive and combat diseases.
The medicine’s of the ancient Egyptians are the oldest documented. The Egyptians were highly advanced for their time, including simple non invasive surgery, setting of bones, dentistry, and pharmacopoeia (drug making).
Since humans first learned to make hand tools, they used their techniques to develop surgical techniques each one more advanced than the last. Until the Industrial Revolution surgeons were unable to overcome the principles of surgery which were bleeding, pain, and infection. As time would go on surgery would not be a risky art but a scientific (something) able to treat many diseases and conditions.
The Civil War brought a new era of modern medicine. As soldiers would fall from injuries and disease, anesthesia became a specialty. Plastic and reconstructive surgery exploded. Doctors developed new ways to treat nerve injuries and chronic pain, it was also the beginning of contemporary …show more content…

Injuries that resulted in amputations 150 years ago now have lead to X-rays, the setting of bones, and longer recovery times before returning to battle. A lesson learned by doctors from the Civil war was to keep their working areas clean to reduce the number of fatalities.
When soldiers returned home their expectations for efficient medical treatment in all situations was retained. If someone was wounded in war and could get help within minutes, shouldn’t a person injured in their own home get the same kind of help also within minutes? This was one positive aspect of the Civil War and also resulted in the beginning of ambulance systems in many major cities. This idea also influenced the way today’s 911 call system works.
Since the Civil War, one of the most revolutionary findings in medicine was the creation of antibiotics discovered by Andrew Fleming. Infections are very common and responsible for a large number of diseases. Most of these infections or diseases are caused by bacteria which can now be prevented as result from antibiotics.. The definition of an antibiotic is a medicine that inhibits the growth of or destroys

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