Analysis of Marlis Wessel's Short Story, The Wall

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“The Wall” is a breathtaking short story written by Marlis Wessel, a former Canadian teacher, who has also written short stories, children’s plays and monologues for theatre. Ms. Wessel’s’ short story is a remarkable journey to Germany of a young couple in the late 80’s, where they learn the significance of the country’s history and present existence. The story is written in third person perspective with fulfilling and symbolical details within the characters’ every move and speech. The wall is the main principal of the story, it represents a physical barrier between Germany’s east and west, the east being the communism area, under the influence of the Soviet Union, and the west- a capitalistic region. However, it has a much more broad significance throughout the story, as it connects with the characters. The reader can easily distinguish the intangible “wall” between Hans and his wife Barbara, in the concluding paragraph, “His voice was harsh and resentful. Against her, Barbara realized, not his grandmother” (Wessel, 156). Furthermore, there are several artistic and philosoph...

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