Analysis of Dr. Horrible and Doris Relationship

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When most people think about a movie with super heroes and villain they think of a movie about the hero defeating the villain. Dr. Horrible Sing along Blog is not one of those movies. In this movie we see that the main focus is on the villain Billy aka Dr. Horrible. This movie is about him trying to get into the evil league of evil, or ELE, which is a collection of the most evil villains in this universe, but also he is trying to get the love of his life, Penny, to fall in love with him. The first time she talks to him he is in the middle of stealing a component to power his freeze ray. He is to busy with the heist too pay much attention to her. Right when he is about to get the component we met the “hero” Captain Hammer. He tries to stop Dr. horrible but instead he “saves” penny and she falls in love with him. With his newly powered freeze ray he tries to take down Captain Hammer but ends up failing because he mentioned his heist on his Blog. Then his is told by Bad Horse, the leader of the ELE, that know he must kill someone to make it in. he doesn’t really want to kill anyone until he finds out Captain hammer is only going out with penny because he wants her. He sets up a plan to kill Captain Hammer when he is speaking at a homeless shelter. The attempt fails when his freeze ray runs out of power and Captain Hammer punches him on to the ground. Captain hammer ends up grabbing the death ray that Dr. horrible was going to use to kill him and points it at him. It backfires and shoots shrapnel everywhere killing Penny and making Captain Hammer feel pain for the first time. Captain hammer gives up being a superhero because he doesn’t like pain and Dr. Horrible gets into the ELE. In the final scene of the movie you see Billy lookin...

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...s things to try to better the world. The only reason Captain Hammer does things is to better himself.
In conclusion this movie shows that John Doris situationalist view is correct and that the dispositionalist view is incorrect. These people are not defined by Broad traits but by the little things in their life that gravitate them to one side. This movie clearly shows this. This movie is an awesome account of a not so evil villain perspective. We see how most people are not just one trait but a combination of many. Also that sometimes a little thing can give you that push to do something you would not normally do. We know that Dr. Horrible is just a misunderstand individual that just wants his and everyone else’s life better and that Captain Hammer is a self centered person that just wants the best for himself. As I always say don’t judge a book by it cover.
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