Analysis of Bridge to Terabithia

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Friendship can be shown through the words of anyone in any form, whether it is short or long, in a simple poem to a complicated novel, even in a simple common book such as, Bridge to Terabithia. The author, Paterson, uses many of reasonable literary elements in her book, such elements encompass: character, plot, setting, theme, style, point of view, and tone. These seven elements show us that friendship between the main characters, Jesse and Leslie, in Bridge to Terabithia, although interrupted by many everyday occurrences, can develop quickly, without one's realization. And that friendship, that was suddenly started, can be suddenly gone with the least suspected. In this instance, friendship is suddenly ended, there would be the realization of feelings that maybe there was something more then friendship; something not initially felt when the friendship actually once existed.

Speaking literarily about Bridge to Terabithia, we can see the character development, although very traditional and utilized often in story lines, it was all well developed, with the protagonist, the antagonist, the stereotyping, flat and round character traits, and with some of both the dynamic and static characters. The protagonist as defined as the central character would be Jesse, but, in the sense that Jesse and Leslie become one in the story, I am going to state that both would be the main protagonist characters. However, in the same sense the main conflict in the story presented to us was that Leslie dies, in that case, Jesse would ultimately be the protagonist character. With typically many conflicts in a story, as this one has, we have to look at the main conflict, which was the eventual death of Leslie. Leslie is defiantly not the antagonist her...

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...hor seems to know how these country life friendships develop and knows how to present us with the real feel of the characters and scenes. Paterson is a great writer with straightforward tones in this Bridge to Terabithia.

Friendship is reported here by Paterson in story form; that friendship whether serious or not has ended in tragedy. There will never be a friendship that lasts forever, that is in the mortal life, and, although affairs happen to change and affect the outcomes of that friendship, there will always be a story to tell about any life with or even without friendship, such as that of Jesse and Leslie, simple yet very complicated and heartfelt. Story form, yet very unreliable, is the only way to explain it, as long as the story entails all the necessary elements.

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