Analysis Of The Short Story 'The Breeze'

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Joshua Ferris, the author of the short story, “The Breeze”, closely links seasonal conditions and activities to different lifestyles. Specifically, Joshua links outdoor activities and spring in Manhattan to a life that needs “more adventure” and “thrills”. He also chooses to link indoor places and winter to the picture of a life that is “limited”, “dying” and “misspent”. Light and dark are also used as a binary within this story. What shows the connection between the ideas described is how the author uses repetition and patterns to emphasize his most important details. “The Breeze” is a short story about a young couple, Sarah and Jay, who try to make the most of a spring day. Sarah then becomes very indecisive about their night in Manhattan. The story gives many different scenarios of how the night could have played out. Throughout the whole story, Sarah is unable to express her feelings to Jay. The story ends with Sarah questioning what she was hoping for from Jay and them leaving and watching movies.…show more content…
116] and is determined not to miss out on anything in life [pg.120]. The author not only explicitly states these two things, but also portrays it through different repeated elements in the story. “What if she failed to make the most of this perfect spring day [pg. 107]?” “Then the reminder, this windfall. As thrilling and irretrievable as a first kiss [pg.110].” Sarah’s thoughts have made a connection within her head that moments in life are like the first breeze in spring. The author paints a picture in the readers mind by connecting an idea such as a first kiss to the idea of life being full of moments that can never happen again. She believes in enjoying as much of life as possible and that is clearly portrayed through his description of spring in
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