Analysis Of The Poem ' The Great Gatsby ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Kendrick came up out of the sea and stood upon the land. Saltwater dripped down the long length of his hair. There were rivulets of seawater trickling all the way down his body. He came to the shore along the northern coast of Scotland in an area well known by his Selkie Clan. He left his skin of fur out on the towering quartzite pillars that rose up out of the sea, well hidden among the creag. As he walked into a small sized sea cave close to the shore that was concealed by large boulders, to get the clothes he wore upon the land. Kendrick walked to the land where the hills were so abundant and the new fresh grass smelled so sweet. He came to the land to find the woman who’d mesmerized him with the haunting green eyes last evening. He 'd been swimming in his Selkie form during the early spring storm the past evening. With eyes that could see through the darkness, he viewed the sailboat with the humans on board. Kendrick watched them struggle with the sails when the storm came upon them. The humans were out sailing in the early evening on a fair size sailboat. ...

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