Analysis Of 'The Lesson And Horatio Alger'

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Success is the chance to go out there and use the resources available to take advantage of opportunities that most people do not. Usually, things happen in life and it can prevent the process of obtaining success. In the readings, “The Lesson” by Toni Cade Bambara and “Horatio Alger” by Harlon L. Dalton conveys the message that success is not always an everyday thing and it takes opportunities for it to become part of life. In “The Lesson”, an angered girl named Sylvia is taken on a field trip to a toy store with Miss Moore to learn a valuable lesson. The lesson is to become successful in society because it is the only way to make it to the top. On the other hand, “Horatio Alger” shows more of a realistic viewpoint where success is not as easy…show more content…
“The Lesson” and “Horatio Alger” illustrate that success is not as easy as the myth claims it to be, but rather challenging. Dalton believes that race is such a key factor that it is affecting the system because it is looked down upon. It is dangerous because some people do not like the fact that they have opportunities. “Horatio Alger”, for example, shows that the path of success is easy for anyone to grasp and fails to unveil the real struggles that is being encountered which Dalton is trying to state because, he says, “Black folk certainly know what it is like to be favored, disfavored, scrutinized, and ignored all on the basis of our race. Sometimes we are judged on a different scale altogether” (273). Dalton is trying to state that black people know what it’s like to be judged and because of this it creates a road block because African Americans believe that they need to be treated differently and they cannot be as great as us. In addition, race has become a huge problem that people tend to cause huge tensions and the way “Horatio Alger’s” essay states that everyone is equal would not be true. On the other hand, Sylvia seems to be under the paradox that Dalton has stated about race. Sylvia throughout the story goes on a field trip to a toy store where she sees items that cost a lot of money from the glass window, but when she enters the store an…show more content…
Opportunities came and went, but no one seemed to care about the challenges African Americans were facing. Success was complicated due to the fact that unfair chances are given and no one could be held responsible because of this. Thus, Harlon L. Dalton and Toni Cade Bambara conclude with the idea that success is hard because of unfairness towards certain things for example, opportunities and equality. However, in Dalton’s essay the myth states everything to be true and correct while he points out the key differences in making the statements false. Toni Cade Bambara uses the viewpoint of a young girl in her story named Sylvia to show the impact of how success changes the lives of every African American and how it represents inequality. In addition, success is not as easy as the myth claims it to be, it illustrates that African Americans are not given an equal chance, and the odds are stacked against them. Some might argue that opportunities are for everyone and they are equal, though this is a good point it is not accurate. Many problems like race is just one factor that took a while to solve, so it cannot be said that chances are equal. The subject of success is important because it is not easy to achieve, especially when chances are not even and distributed properly. African Americans had to fight their way towards getting

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