Analysis Of The Book Into The Wild, By Jon Krakauer

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No one is perfect, not even those who feel superior to others; however those who wish to follow their dreams are more alive than ever. Of course, no one makes wise choices but following your own aspiration makes a person more alive. The reason for this is because they are following their own dreams. In fact, the people who go out and follow their dreams are explorer or achievers but the vision of their dreams can become fatal. Chris McCandless was a hitchhiker who went out to Alaska to get away from society. Unfortunately, he died, but along the book Into the Wild, by Jon Krakauer, he takes the readers through Chris’s thoughts and journeys before he heads to Alaska. Naturally Chris had knowledge, skills, and independence but he had some…show more content…
With the knowledge Chris had, he could have been someone greater in life instead, he chose the path to follow “his great Alaskan odyssey.” Not only was Chris academically smart, he was a great drummer not greater than his sister, Carine, and great in running but wasn’t great on getting taught. In third grade, Chris place a high score on a standardized achievement test and was placed in an accelerated program. Although being fully aware he was academically smart he refused to do any extra work. Billie, Chris’s mother, stated “ He wasn’t happy about it because he had to do extra schoolwork (Krakauer 107)” Chris didn’t have to work hard like most of his grade but hated following stupid rule formats. While getting A’s and B’s without any effort Chris got good grades but got only one bad grade by his physics teacher. Chris refused to follow his format rule which lowered his grade. When Walt McCandless, Chris father, went to talk to Chris’s physic teacher his father agreed with him. Walt McCandless mention, “he got the grade he deserved (109).” Chris didn’t follow many rules but his own, which is why he got himself in horrible situations. For example, when he lost his Datsun car, especially when he refused to follow his teacher’s format. If he’d follow rules maybe he would be more prepared when he went to Alaska; to follow the Basic 101…show more content…
There is always going to be a ‘what if’ in Krakauer’s book Into the Wild Chris lead himself in a direction no one else could but himself. Unfortunately, the route he decided to take took him to his death but he was more alive than he ever was. His dreams were, in fact, wise and risky but with the knowledge Chris had, he knew best he could have read more or go more into detail of the Alaskan wild but instead, he just read the book Tanaina Plantlore: An Ethnobotany of the Dena 'ina Indians of Southcentral Alaska, by Priscilla Russell Kari. Also, with the skill he experiences while hitchhiking, he could of acknowledge the difference in the environments. Lastly, with the independence he closer himself with could of help finding him into safety. The fact he didn’t let his family know of his odyssey lead him to a death he is only responsible

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