Analysis Of Teaching Alice Walker's Everyday Use

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Critics paper Draft #2 “Everybody Use” is “popular with students, that can appear deceptively simple and one-dimensional to the casual reader” according to Marcia Noe but in “Teaching Alice Walker 's "Everyday Use" Employing Race, Class, and Gender”, she explains that there are different perspectives on how you cansee the story from; gender, class and race. According to Noe, when you read the story without any topic in mind, the reading just become vague and you do not use a critical thinking. But if you introduce to your reading topics as gender, class or race, the reading takes a new significance. When you start considering gender, class and race, you startthinking that we might we lucky to have everything that we have now, because most…show more content…
Gillespie describes the story in her more dramatic moments, the comparison of the two sisters, the arrival of Dee to the house, the values of Maggie and Dee where one is more materialistic than the other. Maggie explainsthe culture of the story through the two sisters “Maggie is interpreted as the character representing the traditions of rural African-American communities and the aspects of African-American life associated with the South. On the other hand, Dee can be read as a symbol of the complexities of assimilation.”, one sister keeps the tradition of the family and the other is not mean person but choses a different path.Gillespie concludes saying this” By the end of the story, the reader comes to understand and to sympathize with the perspectives of Maggie and her mother and to question the imposition of external values and judgments on communities that may have different but no less valid and valuable cultural understandings.”, she interprets that neither the decision of Maggie or Dee are bad, both decisions are right according to them, their values and judgment are equal valid for both of…show more content…
Each essay give the possibility to analyze “Everyday use” from different perspectives and topics as gender, race, class, cultural and drama. This is due to the well-written story by Alice Walker who is winner of a Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. The story makes possible to interpret the story in different ways and I think that every argument is

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