Analysis Of Susan B. Anthony And Elizabeth Cady Stanton

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From the birth of the United States of America, true freedom was never essential in the land of liberty. Throughout history America truly shows us this from the 1600’s to the 1800’s; Citizens had to fight for their God given rights, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Instead citizens in minorities saw a whole different side of America. Unfortunate citizens in minorities had to suffer in that era but after a long hard battle minorities began to receive their god given rights. Although the struggle was hard to experience a life with any liberty slaves never stopped fighting for their god given freedom. In the beginning before the United States became independent, the colonies had slaves. It was yet to be legalized though, until 1641 in Massachusetts. Then in 1650 the legalization of…show more content…
Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Stanton was the first lady ever to hold a Women’s Convention, that lasted two days. The outcome of this convention still lives on to this day; women still are fighting for equal rights. As for Anthony, she very much believed that women deserved to have the right to vote. So much that she was arrested in New York for casting a ballot against the law, along with 15 other women in November of 1872. On June 17 of 1873, Susan B. Anthony is arrested for breaking the law by illegally voting, and is convicted. Shes told to pay a fine of $100, but never does. She believed so strongly that women deserved the same rights as everyone else. These two women together founded the “National Woman’s Suffrage Association” in May of 1869; they were attempting to “achieve the vote through a Congressional amendment, while also addressing other women 's rights issues”. (Scholastic). This amazing association held many meetings and conventions throughout its years. its last convention was held six months before the 19th Amendment, giving women the right to vote, was finally ratified on August 18,

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