Analysis Of Slavery And The Making Of America

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710 words

Slavery is a part of American history that is very significant . During the antebellum period, the treatment of enslaved women and men was very harsh. They were beaten, murdered, sold constantly and raped if they were women. I believe that enslaved women may have encountered more hardships than enslaved men during the antebellum period. This paper will compare the pain both enslaved groups experienced during this time period, to prove my idea.

Both groups of enslaved people face many of the same hardships. Lunsford Lane grew up on a plantation……..While enslaved women and men faced both physical and psychological pain,both groups encounter more pain than another.

Enslaved women suffered more psychological pain than physical pain. As I watched the video “Slavery and the Making of America," I learned about how a mother’s love for her children could make her do anything. Harriet Jacobs was a house slave whom turned down her master’s advancements, and instead had a …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Argues that enslaved women and men were beaten, murdered, sold constantly and raped during the antebellum period.
  • Explains that both groups of enslaved people face the same hardships. lunsford lane grew up on a plantation.
  • Analyzes how harriet jacobs was a house slave who turned down her master's advancements, and had an affair with another white slave owner. she ran away to keep her children out of slavery.
  • Analyzes how clarke talks about families being broken up and mothers killing their children. margaret garner was a mother who chose to kill her child instead of seeing them taken back to slavery.
  • Analyzes how lewis clarke talks about how his mistress would beat him with various objects in the video "slavery and the making of america".
  • Explains that frederick douglass was a problem slave, and his master loaned him out to covey, who was known for taming troubled slaves.
  • Explains that they decided that enslaved women had it the worse, citing two quotes that stood out to them.

Throughout my research there were two quotes that stood out to me that helped me come to this decision. “No matter what the girl looks like, whether she’s light skin or dark skin, if she’s at all attractive she is cursed. For the master will have a special interest in her."-Harriet Jacobs. This quote was why I decided that women have it worse. This quote basically says that if an enslaved woman is born with any type of beauty she will face hardships. From the constant advancements of her master to the jealousy of her mistress, she will face hardships from left to right. The other quote that stood out to me was”I would not be whipped, I would rather die."-Margaret Ward. This quote stood out to me because despite knowing that there could be consequences for disobeying her master, she still chose to stand her ground. These quotes showed me that the enslaved women during the antebellum period were

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