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Drama Essay - Othello
Othello is noble, tender, and confiding; but he has blood of the most inflammable kind. Unfortunately, Othello was naïve enough to be swayed by Iagos misplaced trustworthiness and the accusations cause the entire play to unfold. Once someone brings up a sense of all his wrong doings, he cannot be stopped by considerations of remorse of pity until Othello has extinguished all that fuels his rage and despair. Othello is described as a “Moor” by his critics (Brabantio, Iago). A “Moor” is a slang word used for the dark skinned appearance of the Muslim people from the northwest part of Africa.
Othello starts out as a very nice, considerate person. He calmly takes on whatever comes his way and does not like confrontation. He verbally recognizes that he is an outsider, whether because he is proud of or self-conscious and defensive about his difference from other Venetians. For example, in spite of his articulacy in Act I, scene iii, he exclaims, “Rude am I in my …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how othello was nave enough to be swayed by iagos misplaced trustworthiness and the accusations cause the entire play to unfold.
  • Analyzes how othello's eloquence suffers because of the increasing strain coming from iago. he is a racial and cultural outsider in venice, but his proficiency is valuable and necessary to the state.
  • Analyzes how the duke of venice respects othello and is the first person to address his name in the play. when cypress is threatened by turkish forces, the duke and the senate want him.
  • Analyzes how brabantio confronts othello and accuses him of bewitching his daughter in act i. the duke proves that their marriage contains no witchcraft, only love.
  • Analyzes how othello is duped by iago into believing that desdemona has been adulterous with cassio.
  • Analyzes how othello's doubtful struggle between conflicting passions, though dreadful, doesn't continue for long, and the story gets more interesting by the alternating climax
  • Analyzes how othello regains his composure and seduces onstage and offstage audiences with his words. the tension between his victimization at the hands of a foreign culture and his own willingness to torment himself makes him tragic rather than just iago's ridiculous puppet.

In the continuance of the play, Othello’s eloquence suffers because of the increasing strain coming from Iago. Othello is introduced in …show more content…

When Cypress is threatened by Turkish forces, Othello is wanted specifically by the duke and the senate, as evidenced by Cassio’s comment that the senate “sent about three several quests” to look for Othello (I.ii.46).Othello became Governor of Cypress in Act I, Scene III, but his fortunes promptly change and not for the better. Othello has a reputation for courage in battle along with wonderful judgment when it comes to serious decisions about the military. The Venetian government has enough faith in Othello to put him in full martial and political command of Cyprus. In his dying speech Othello reminds the Venetians of the “service” he has done their state

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