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With an early interest in writing, and a mind that saw the world in a truly unique way, it is no wonder John Steinbeck was such a successful author. His realistic and relatable novels continue to attract audiences of all age groups. John Steinbeck was an American author whose novels about humans and their relationships with each other and their surroundings have become well known classics all across the world. Born in 1902 in Salinas Valley, California, Steinbeck was the only boy with three sisters. The Steinbeck’s were a middle class family, with his father working as the county treasurer and his mother as a teacher. Steinbeck was introduced to literature at a young age, as it is said that “at the age of nine, Steinbeck received a copy…show more content…
The story is set in Soledad, California, with the events being carried out between a small riverbed, a bunk house, and a barn on a ranch. The novel begins by telling of the two friends, George and Lennie, arriving at their new job and we soon learn that Lennie has a mental disability, and even though he works hard, George still spends all his time looking after Lennie and trying to keep him out of trouble. George openly tells Lennie at the beginning of the novel that his life would be a lot easier and a lot better off without him, but he knows he can’t leave Lennie, because he is all Lennie…show more content…
That night George is consoling Lennie and he tells him of the farm they are going to buy one day, and happily live on. One of the other men in the cabin, Candy, hears their plan and convinces them to let him in on it, they all dream of this plan often. One night, Lennie is spending time in the barn with his puppy and he pets it too hard, and he kills it, Lennie becomes very upset by this and Curly’s wife sees him and begins comforting him. He tells her that he loves petting soft things, and she offers to let him pet her hair. Lennie accidentally pulls her hair and she screams, which scares Lennie, in his attempt to make her stop screaming, he accidentally breaks her neck. When he realizes what he has done, he flees to the bushes by the river from the first scene of the

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