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Brian Rottman Mr. Miedema April 24, 2014 Peace and Quiet Nature, the Rockies in particular are referred to as the ¨marrow of the world¨ by Del Gue in Jeremiah Johnson, I believe he was right. The whistling of the wind, chirping of songbirds, the rushing of the river waters, and ultimate solitude. Jeremiah Johnson and Henry David Thoreau went searching for what perhaps we all need nowadays when they went on their separate journeys into the wilderness. No worldly distractions such as politics, war, or even women. Though Jeremiah Johnson and Henry David Thoreau had similar goals in their treks to the wilderness, they had many different results and different past life experiences. Henry David Thoreau and the fictional Jeremiah Johnson had different past life experiences in society. Our book tells us on page 404 that Henry David Thoreau was a successful figure in society, attending Harvard university and later obtaining a teaching job that he would later quit due to a disagreement with the mode of punishment. He even became close friends with the great Ralph Waldo Emerson, adopting his transcendentalist philosophy. He was very involved in society, and his works continue to inspire people today. Jeremiah had a different past. In the beginning of the film, we meet Jeremiah Johnson as he is arriving to the small village outside of the vast wilderness on an indian boat, after serving in what is implied as the Mexican/American war. He now wants nothing to do with society, to become a mountain man. One can see this when he says the line, ¨I've been to a town Del...¨. Implying that in his past life experiences he has already experienced living in a town or community. It was nothing special to him. He did not attend a fancy ... ... middle of paper ... ...ther hand, seems to live his life in the movie in such a way to simply survive. He hunted and even ¨fished¨ with his bare hands in an ice cold river. Thoreau to me seems like a very formal, philosophical man while Johnson appears as a rugged calloused survivor. Though they lived vastly different lives and different stories, both Jeremiah Johnson and Henry David Thoreau had one similar goal; solitude and isolation. While only Thoreau achieved it for a short period of time, I believe Johnson had the better experience simply because I have been to the Rockies and they are stunning. I can not imagine a pond that would compare. I can relate with both of these interesting men because I am constantly busy, always having something on the calendar to go to or accomplish. I could use what perhaps we all in our busy lives in this era need; just a little peace and quiet.

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