Analysis Of 'How It Feels To Be A Colored Me'

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How would you feel if you woke up in the morning, knowing that everyday a mass group of people are against you, because of the color of your skin? America has always come across issues about race, and this is something that will most likely never end. Race is embedded into our society, media, and even our classrooms. Zora Neale Hurston, author of “How it feels to be A Colored Me”, describes her exploration in the discovery of her self-pride and identity. She tells how living in her community she did not feel alienated or different. Tyina Steptoe, author of “An Ode to Country Music from a Black Dixie Chick”, uses a country film to understand her own life because she notices that the film sparked her love for country music, even though she had…show more content…
Steptoe says how she knows every scene in the movie because she loves it and used to watch it countless times, but she would never admit it to anyone. Steptoe states "You see, I 'm a black chick from Houston, born and bred in the shadow of pine trees and petrochemical plants…I understood that it was not cool for black girls to listen to country music or even enter a honky tonk…"(Steptoe, 422). Steptoe receded herself down to the racial stereotyping and hid herself from the world. Hurston would condemn Steptoe for her actions and argue that Steptoe should not let her race' class='brand-secondary'>race define her but rather she should forget about her race and just live her life the way she wants to. Hurston states "At certain times I have no race. I am me" (Hurston, 419). Hurston says it loud and clear. Steptoe should not be defining herself by her color but by just being herself. Now although that sounds like a great idea, Steptoe would backfire by saying that the reasons for previously tuning out country music was because of she was"…steeped in racial politics" (Steptoe, 423). Steptoe after many years knows that she is wrong for associating country music with "cowboy hats and pointed-toe boots, with a particular type of white person, the kind that painted Confederate…show more content…
Steptoe is the epitome of this because she convinced herself that black people cannot listen to country music or be even be associated with it because of how society defines them. She also disengaged herself with it because she thought that the only people who listened to country music were white racist people. Hurston would call her out on this and explain that yes this happens, we do “colorize” people, but it is not something that should define a person. What defines a person is who they are on the inside, not by the stereotype, and definitely not what society thinks. Hurston wrote this essay to inspire future black generations to look past the stereotype and imagine a world in which we were only defined by our identity. She states “No one on earth ever had a greater chance at glory. The world to be won and nothing lost” (Hurston, 418). She is inspiring these colored communities to show the world that they are not defined by the slavery, racial slurs, and that we should not belong to the “...sobbing school of Negrohood” (Hurston, 417). When Steptoe finally defines herself by her country music, and by her band, and although that’s all she should define herself by she still knows that the world may not see her

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