Analysis Of Flight By Sherman Alexie

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The book Flight written by Sherman Alexie is about a 15 year old part Native American orphan called Zits who has experienced a life full of violence and abuse. Zits never met his father and ran away from his mother. Throughout all of flight, it is noticeable that the search for identity is a reoccurring theme that happens when he goes into people 's bodies. In order for him to grow he has to experience different times and places through his traveling into different characters. Zits does not understand why he has been mistreated his whole life or where he belongs. All throughout Flight, Zits starts closing his eyes and finds himself trapped in the body of different characters. This is the first main theme we see in Flight, is Zits…show more content…
All of the foster homes Zits was put in did not offer the same parenting skills that your own family would provide, Zits says that “When it comes to foster parents, there are only two kinds: The good but messy people who are trying to help kids or the absolute welfare vultures who like too cash the government checks every month.”(8) The worst part about growing up for Zits was that he always felt betrayed because of his father leaving him and his mother 's death. When Zits is in different characters bodies he realizes that there is no such thing as a perfect family and everyone is capable of betrayal. Zits sees that his father has no one and has made very bad decisions, this shows Zits that he wasn 't the only one in his family that was alone. Zits starts to finally understand his identity after all the experiences through different characters and says “I remember I used to be like that little boy, holding tightly on to anybody who showed me even the tiniest bit of love. I haven’t been like that in a long time." Each time Zits enters another character 's body, he realizes that every person has
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