Analysis Of Dreams By Langston Hughes

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Langston Hughes is a well known African American artists. He was born on February 1, 1902, in Joplin Missouri. Hughes was a poet, playwright, lyricist, and journalist. His works include poems, novels, plays, and short stories. He also was one of the important figures during the Harlem Renaissance. Hughes was a democrat and anti-fascist. Many of his works reflect his political values. His ideas portray freedom, social change, and equality for African Americans. There are two famous poems by Hughes that show that he specifically wanted African Americans to hold on to their dreams. In his works titled “Dreams” written in 1923 and “Harlem” (Dream Deferred) written in 1951, Langston Hughes’s intersects dreams that African Americans have about…show more content…
“the beatings, lychings, and daily humiliation of segregattion that african american suffered in the south and elsewhere outtraged hughes, and he accepted the responsibility to speak out against these injustices in his writing and to fight them in his daily life” (Santis 5). “dreams” is one of the poems that hughes wrote after that time. This is the time that after Harlem Renascence movement. This is the time period that African American started to gain some of their pride from literate after the long time pressed by other races. This poem showed a lot of meaning to Hughes, since the dream that he dreamed years and years are almost come trues. Hughes always have faith on his dream. As Emnuel said about dream in his book, “Hughes’s use of dreams, as ductile to young poets as love, his spiral progression through sentimentalism, sturdy faith, and social criticism is traceable” (129). Throught “dream”, Hughes clearly express his eager throught the poem that he want his reader to hold on to their dream. The dream that in this poem are referred to the dream that want African American to have true freedom not only the paper freedom that written on the constitution at
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