An Inspector Calls by J.B. Priestley

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Who is to Blame for the Death of Eva Smith?


This coursework focuses on how each character contributes to the suicide of a poor girl Eva Smith/Daisy Renton.

Part 1

Gerald Croft is a young business man. He has a good steady job, a fiancée, a promising future and is financially stable. In 'An Inspector Calls' Gerald is described as "an attractive chap, about thirty". His father owns a company called 'Crofts Limited' who are friendly rivals of the Arthur Birling's business 'Birling and Company', although the Croft's business is both older and bigger than the Birling's. Arthur is very pleased about his daughter Sheila's engagement to Gerald, because of the possibility of the two businesses merging ultimately benefiting the Birling's financial status and power. Though Gerald's parents are not as happy with the prospect of their son marrying Sheila, as they feel she is not good enough for Gerald.

Part 2

Gerald had met 'Daisy Renton' in the stalls bar at The Palace Variety Theatre in March of the previous year. He'd noticed a girl who looked out of place, and was different from all the "hard-eyed, dough-faced women" that the bar is always filled with, he was drawn by her "soft brown hair and big dark eyes". But the girl looked distressed, she made eye contact with Gerald which he instantly knew was a cry for help. The girl was Eva Smith or who she would be known as to Gerald 'Daisy Renton'. An old, ‘goggle-eyed' man, who was well known for being a womanising fraud by many people in Brumley, was harassing Daisy and she was trapped. Gerald took it upon himself to help the young girl. He approached the old man and told him the manager has an urgent message for him, as the old man left Daisy, Gerald offered to take her somewhere a bit more quiet and so he took her to the 'Country Hotel' where they had a drink and talked a little, planning to meet again two nights later.

On their second meeting Gerald bought Daisy a meal and they got to know each other better, this is when he discovers Daisy is penniless, jobless and was about to be turned out of the room that she lives in because she couldn't pay rent. At that point, Gerald generously offers her accommodation and some money, which she accepts.

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