An Analysis Of Charles Dickens Great Expectations

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It is crucial for a reader to realize illuminating incidents that reveals implicit meanings in a novel. Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations has several illuminating moments where it functions as a window that shows the deeper meaning of the work as a whole. Pip experiences an illuminating moment when he attempts to help a strange convict, which leads to him being able to leave his abusive home and build relationships with others which proves the theme generosity pays off. Pip’s life is changed when he meets the convict that soon becomes his benefactor. This illuminated the book as a whole because pip 's life is about dramatically change. Pip meets the convict and although he is afraid of him he agrees to bringing him the things he needs to escape. “I said that i would get him the file,and i would get him…show more content…
“The stranger introduces himself as the lawyer Jaggers,and he goes home to pip and joe.Here, he explains that pip will soon inherit a large fortune.his education as a gentleman will begin immediately.Pip will move to London and become a gentlemen.”(Dickens, Pg.3) Due to his fortune and his secret benefactor pip is able to receive a proper education and get away from his sisters bad treatment. This marks the beginning to pips successful life that approaches him.He knows that if he receives a gentleman 's education he’ll be able to unite with the love of his life Estella.Pip 's generosity reward him with the opportunity to have a stand in the higher class society and leave his abusive home and pursue his dream of being with Estella

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