Among the Ash Heaps and Millionaires

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“Among the Ash Heaps and Millionaires” The actions, resulting events, reactions and interactions of the characters thought the novel The Great Gatsby help derive the works meaning. Over the 189 pages of The Great Gatsby all characters are surrounded by the wealth and opulence of the roaring twenties. They never overcame the stranglehold of martial wealth and fell short of the true American dream. All the main characters are from the west brought east in pursuit of great wealth. Nick Caraway was brought east to learn the ways of the bond business. Jordan Baker was brought east in pursuit of fame and golfing prestige. The Buchanan’s went east to experience the grandeur of the east. Jay Gatsby was brought east from Minnesota in pursuit of wealth and status in the process changed his name upon arrival to the east from the war. Upon arrival to New York nick is astonished by the lavish parties of his neighbor. with the crates of lemons and limes entering his house every Friday, a large party Saturday night, leaving the grounds to be cleaned up the following Sunday and restored to perfection. After a while Nick experiences the grandeur of the high life after being personally invited to one of Gatsby’s parties. The ignorance of the upper class he finds strange as with the car crash in the driveway when the car had lost its wheel its owner quickly replied,”Back it out …put her In reverse. But the wheels off! He hesitated no harm in trying replies the owner.”(60) this crash is a strange foreshadowing and brings to mind the reality that cars are a new technology and people do not quite understand the mechanics or the risks leaving automobiles a status symbol. In short order Nick is quick to understand the moral shortfalls of the hig... ... middle of paper ... ...tpone the funeral until he came.”(175) Henry Gatz is I character in stark contrast to all other characters in the book and it is only in the last few pages that the message of the book becomes apparent. An uninvolved outsider’s perspective takes the story into a new light as well as changing the perspective of the reader. All of the events in the novel The Great Gatsby lead to the meaning in a slow but driven manner. The events expose the hollowness of the upper-class and the emptiness the pursuit of the American dream can bring. Those who solely strive for material wealth are misguided for they parted with virtues in the struggle for great wealth and in doing so have missed the American dream. The hollowness of the upper-class and the drive to outdo their neighbors by surrounding themselves with material wealth is self defeating to attaining the American dream.
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