American Slave and Plantation Economy

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American Slave and Plantation Economy.

The greatest purpose of bringing the African slaves to America was for profit. Tobacco was a crop that needed lots of work to planted and harvested but with the use of laborers, the plantation owners can had their land well cultivated and harvested their farm outputs in a very large quantities.

In the beginning, slaves labor was not necessary for tobacco cultivation in the American colonies because they has the English agricultural laborers. Not until Later on, when the plantation started growing.

The plantation necessitated more extensive manual labor and skill workers because the bigger the plantation, the richer and more successful the owners becomes.

To meet these selfish goals, the plantation owners needed workers, and they can not afford to pay the workers a meaningful wages.

Then, slaves labor were seriously needed for the plantation machinery. Although, Many factors contributed to the America colonial Slavery but the most prominence things was the effect that it had on their personal enrichment and Industrialization.

It was very hard in the South and there are lots of work to do in the hot sun. Since the whites were not pleased to do the work themselves , most plantation owners purchased slaves to work on their farm land.

Meaning they has no choice but to look for generational slaves that would work for them in the unpleasant conditions of the tobacco plantations.

And It all began by putting pressure on people to do what they did not like to do. The colonies started using the Indians labor at first for sugar-making.

The Slaves were normally brought the plantations when it was just a bushy land, and ordered them to cut down trees, cultivate the land manually and make water...

... middle of paper ... but exclusively for closing the British slaves trade down.

When Thomas Jefferson created his first version of the Declaration of Independence in which he arraigned King George for popularizing slavery in America.

The Declaration of Independence became acclaimed as the written document that truly stated human rights and personal freedom on July forth 1776.

The Slavery activists dynamism slowly but conclusively became more prevalent in their combat for the slaves freedom

Slavery was an important thing that supported America's economy and it was not an easy thing to drop overnight because it has existed in most places and major part of the nation's history.

The Slaves trade was eventually eradicated in America by President Lincoln's approval of the thirteenth amendment in 1865.

In conclusion, slaves were basically a tool for profit in the America Colonies.

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