American History: The Declaration of Independence

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The Glorious Pages of our Past
America the free, America the just, America… the hypocrite? How could a country known for its democratic fairness be called a hypocrite? It is said that in America one can be free, treated equally, and have the opportunity to live a normal-peaceful life. But those few people who actually witness and analyze the true actions performed in America tell a different story. These rational human beings say it is filled with control, manipulation, and discrimination. Injustice is no stranger to anyone's life in this country. With this the United Sates hypocritically promotes equality, although it has never been absolutely achieved. For over 200 years the United States has based its beliefs and praises on two words, "equality" and "freedom". But where are these words? Where can one visually see these powerful words being executed rather than falsely hearing them used for political gain? Where in the last 200 years have we been able to say "we are all equal" or "we are free" without lying to ourselves? The answer to that question has clearly been displayed through the last 200 year, the answer being never.
The roots to this unfair treatment start from beginning of history. Although not by the unfairness brought on by the British crown to the colonial Americans, but by the Americans who practiced similar unfairness to those whom they believed to have ownership over. African natives where brought (against their will) and sold here in this country with the belief that the buyers of such people now own them. The Declaration of Independence, signed on July 4th, 1776 (over 200 years ago), states that "In every stage of these oppressions we have petitioned for redress in the most humble terms." It is quite iro...

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...worse. America hypocritically promotes what it "thinks" it is into the brains of our people, hoping that if they say it many times the people will believe the lie and not question it. As a result be see how America is truly unfit to rule us, the "free" people. Free being an understatement because we are nowhere near freedom now, nor have we ever been. Freedom is just an illusion that the Unites States -the free, the just, and (as we can see now) the hypocrite- has embedded into our heads for over 200 years. Equality is another one of the United Statuses' motto's that it never lives up to. So what is The United States of America now? If we look back and rediscover the most glorious pages of our past (as we just did) the answer to this question is simple. The United States is neither free nor equal, The United States was and remains being a hypocrite to its people.

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