Along Came An Epicurean

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As my close friend and I were walking down the street we passed by a bookstore and decided to go in and take a look. As we were in the store we saw this man that stuck out like a sore thumb, heads were turning from every person he walked passed. One of the most intriguing things about this gentleman is that he seemed to care less about all of the eyes honed in on him, and he was carefully observing all of his surrounding, taking everything in. This man was stationed at the philosophical section of the store and was reading One The Nature of Things by Lucretius. This man was dressed in a plain blue button down shirt, a pair of jeans that were completely worn and weathered. His shoes were plain tennis shoes that had holes in the toes and his hair was long, in a tangled mess. He looked as if he hadn’t taken a shower in weeks, and he was very skinny looking as if he hadn’t had a good meal in a while either. Our first original takes of this man was that he was homeless and did not have the money to afford food or clothes, and didn’t have any access to a shower. As we made our way throughout the store my friends eyes remained fixed on this man and she remarked “I feel so bad for him, we should take him out for lunch or something.” Regardless of what I would have said she had her mind made up that she was going to help this man out and take him to grab some food. After we were finished roaming the store my friend approached the man and claimed that she wanted to take him over to the local café. At first the gentleman kindly declined my friends offer, but after a while of persistence she finally convinced him that it would be of no inconvenience to us if he joined us. Although the walk to the café was a very short... ... middle of paper ... ...d’s point be? They also believe that nothing created God and nothing will be able to destroy him, I cannot wrap my head around the idea that God could exist without a creator. I also understand the negativity towards conforming to society, but I think that sometimes conformity is necessary to a certain degree. If an Epicurean existed in today’s world it would be nearly impossible for them to make any “real” friends with out a slight conformity to society, yet they stress the importance of friendships to happiness; so either way it would result in a loss in either conformity or happiness. I feel that in today’s society a true Epicurean cannot exist, but there could be a person extremely similar. Because society has undergone great change since Epicureanism was popular it would need slight change to allow for Epicureans to be present in today’s world.

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