Alfred, Lord Tennyson

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Alfred, Lord Tennyson was an interesting man that transferred his emotions into his works of literature. He was a sensitive person and using those emotions into his works of art helped him survive into old life. The biggest influence in Lord Tennyson’s life was his best friend, Arthur Henry Hallam. Hallam suddenly died and it left a tragic hole in his life. However, having his friend pass away proved better for Tennyson’s life as it transferred into a beneficial job for him. Tennyson’s short poems considered questions of death, faith, and immortality (Jobin). Three moments in Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s life is his rough childhood, loss of loved ones, and national honor.
Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s rough childhood led him to worry about money all his life. The poet's grandfather had violated tradition by making his younger son, Charles, his heir, and arranging for the poet's father to enter the ministry. The contrast of his own family's relatively straitened circumstances to the great wealth of his aunt Elizabeth Russell and Uncle Charles Tennyson made Tennyson feel particularly impoverished and led him to worry about money all his life (Everett). Tennyson had a fear of epilepsy that ran in his family. His father and brother, Arthur, made their condition worse by drinking. After that, his brother was put into a mental institution and his father soon became paranoid and violent. The cost of everything worried Tennyson and he figured that becoming a writer would be the best for him. Tennyson and his other brother became known at Cambridge where he went to. His life could be described as in his poem, “Ulysses,” “All times I have enjoyed greatly, have suffered greatly.”
Lord Tennyson’s life was full of tragedy after his good friend, Arthu...

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... become a better person.

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