Alcoholism In Edgar Allen Poe's The Black Cat

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Edgar Allen Poe’s short story “The Black Cat,” is a marvelous depiction of how alcohol can be destructive to people’s lives. In the story, the narrator commits multiple heinous crimes all after the consumption of alcohol. From the crimes he have committed, we can say that alcoholism has caused the narrator to lose parts of his sanity. Furthermore, it has also resulted in his enjoyment in being cruel and evil, in other words, known as “diabolical evil.” After psychoanalysing the story, it is believed that there are many reasons why the narrator might behave like that. Therefore, we can say that his wishful impulses and his repression of those impulses are reasons why he kills the cat and his wife who both love him so much. The narrator of the story slowly progresses into an evil being due to the influence of alcohol. At the beginning, he and his wife love the company of their many pets. The narrator is especially attached to his black cat, Pluto, who always follows him around the house …show more content…

Basically, it is the concept that evil can progress through time and at the end reach the point of no return, such as how the narrator came to be. From this article, we can infer that the reason the narrator chooses to be evil is because of his repression from his childhood. At first, we can see that he acts normal and shows love to Pluto. Yet, he turns to drinking which can be a way for him to forget the misery that he suffers. The misery might be his repressed emotions from his childhood. These repressed emotions results in his wishful impulses and soon leads in his complete evil and joy in

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