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Alcoholism is not a disease that effects just the drinker. In time alcoholism will literally tear apart a family. At first communications in a family will be disrupted, then hatred will develop toward the abuser(s), and sure to follow is the physical abuse. In today’s society children suffer a great deal of emotional, psychological, and physical pain due to parental abuse of alcohol.
When alcohol is abused in a family, all members are effected, especially the children. Children are the ones that are left with severe emotional scars when it comes down to having a alcoholic parent. Fortunately, my parents don’t drink and have never touched or experimented with alcohol during their life. However, my uncle has abused alcohol as far back as I can remember. I can recall times when my little cousin was a young girl growing up and was constantly exposed to my uncle’s terrible drinking habits. He would keep on drinking hard liquor until he was beyond drunk. As he would sit at the table eating his dinner and drinking his whiskey, he would start arguing over nothing with my aunt. My little cousin would watch them lash out at each other until her older brother would dash out his bedroom to stop the meaningless arguing. The older my little cousin got, the more frequent and common the arguing became. It came to the point when my cousin had trouble studying because the fighting had upset her, causing her to loose her concentration. Therefore, her grades at school slowly began to drop.

Being raised by alcoholic parents commonly leads to child neglect. Since my cousin was raised by an alcoholic parent, she was exposed to a childhood of neglect. Not only was she neglected as a child, but it unfortunately continued throughout her teenage years. Because her father was caught up in drinking all the time, he did not spend time or pay much attention to her. Alcohol to my uncle was normally his number one priority. He would rather sit and drink his whiskey than give his daughter the attention that she longed for. She would have to wait until he was in a good mood or sober, which was not very often, to try to have any sort of conversation with him. His idea of communication was being drunk and yelling at my cousin.
Unfortunately, she was only neglected by her father, but it so happened that her mother rarely had time for her either. Since the majority of my uncle’s free...

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...t. She would throw books or dinner off the table in a rage, and he would start cursing and throwing whatever he could get in his hands on. While they would continue throwing and breaking things, my father would charge at her to either try to slap her, to shove her, or just to grab her. But my cousin would get away from him because she was much bigger and faster that he was. Out of her anger she would break things and punch holes in the walls. Then she would run out of the house in a fury. Over the years from fighting with her dad, she has gotten numerous scars on her hands.

Alcoholism in a family affects every single member in a negative manner. Today my cousin lives with me and my family because there came a time when her father tried to kill her when he was drunk. And now after many hard years my cousin is learning how to stand on her own two feet. She goes to college and has a part time job. I just wish she had the same opportunities I had when I growing up. Even when I did get into trouble with her over the past years I still had my parents support and they helped me in each and every way. When alcohol is abused in a family, all members are effected, especially the children.
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